Sunday, February 10, 2008

Abstinence Education Leads to Banana Shaped Water Balloons

Who is ready for the weekly post? I feel like if I don't write at least one per week, then I am not really blogging anymore at all, so here you go. Hopefully I will get things under control sooner or later and post TWICE a week. How crazy would that be?

I am actually sitting here planning lessons for the coming week. I have taken over one class at the middle school. I am the teacher of record now, which means I am responsible for their grades, talking to parents, and planning. It also brings with it some things I didn't expect. First of all, students have the most amazingly detailed and mundane excuses I have ever heard. I can get a five minute monologue about how, "I left my lunch at home and I need to go to the office to call my mom so I can eat in sixth period or else my blood sugar will go nuts, but I also left my notebook in my locker so can I go by there on the way back from the office or else I'll have to put my journal entry on a sheet of paper and I might lose that like I lost that map, did you find that by the way, and I need a note to the office, please, and I really like your shoes Ms. B." Not really excuses so much as it is the complete chaos that is a 12 year olds life. I relate really well to it, actually. Secondly, I am mostly accepted into the teacher group as well, which means that I sang karaoke on a Nintendo Wii after school one day, and later one of my fellow teachers sought me out to tell me they had just found a condom wrapped around the water fountain spout. Officially, that is bad. Unofficially, awesome. Anyway, I am trying to plan a lesson that will go all week and includes a detailed role play, negotiations, and presentations on the Berlin Conference. If anyone has any great stuff on that topic lying around just send it my way.

I got observed on Friday for a grade. Yikes. Turns out I might be okay at this. Yay!

In other news...well, I don't know that there is other news. Sergio and I signed up for a free online calorie counter out of curiosity last night. It has been quite the eye opener already. Yesterday I didn't have breakfast, and by the time I finished lunch I had eaten 200 more calories that I am supposed to have in a day. Lame.

In congratulatory news...congratulations Keith and Erin. We wish we could have been there and we hope the wedding was great. (I don't know that they read this, so someone who does just tell them we said that!)
And congrats Sara and Iggy on the news that It's a Boy. We are so excited.
And finally, to Dan and Amanda, for making us Uncle Sergio and Aunt Dawn for a third time. THREE!!!

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