Monday, February 18, 2008

Working on Our Chances of Being Voted Most Popular

Sergio and I often go an entire week without speaking to anyone outside of work or class. Which means that our weekend social circle consists of one another and Eliot. And maybe the people at Noah's Bagels who know us by name. This is completely our fault as there are lots of great people around here who invite us to many things. We just don't always go. Or ever go, really. Once you are inside the antisocial pattern, it is sooo easy to stay there.
Yesterday, though, resembled our weekends in Arkansas where hardly a day passed that we didn't see someone we knew (and liked) on purpose. First we went golfing. Strange, I know. This is something we have been trying lately. Anyway, we went with real live people. Two of them, in fact. And it was a lot of fun, though we are really quite pitiful at the game.
But hang onto your hats folks, because that's not all! After we got back home we went to a house with even more people and played Trivial Pursuit: Pop Culture for the rest of the evening. We were pretty terrible at that too. Sergio and I both yelled out "Jim Carrey" when a picture of Peter Gabriel came on the screen. Oops.
Conclusion: Hanging out with people is actually more fun that sitting on the couch...unless Eliot is being particularly cute and goofy. Then it's a draw.

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