Sunday, February 24, 2008

One of These Things is a Lot Like the Other

If you would like to know how this weekend went then please refer to last weekends post. They are quite similar. Except that by the time we were supposed to play board games again we found ourselves overloaded with homework and tired. But we did golf and go bowling. And again, there were people. Two weekends in a row around actual humans. Crazy.

We were even worse at golf this week. We went out to a little nine hole course that was $9 per person. We dreamed of a relaxing walk, just the two of us, no distractions or judgments. Sadly, we forgot that on gorgeous days at crowded courses twosomes get rolled together into foursomes. We ended up with two 15 year olds who could not boast of even the most rudimentary conversation skills. That is saying a lot coming from me. Also, they had on really bad cologne. It is all their fault that I could hit nothing but a five iron all day long. Blaming them keeps me from having to admit that golf is currently winning in this battle of wills.

I should permanently switch to bowling. I'm a natural.

Sergio might be ready to write both games off for good.

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Shelley said...

I'm considering not doing anything outside until the temp reaches 60 and stays there. I'm boycotting winter.