Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jumanji: I'll Yell It Three Times If You Don't Read This

Dawn's next 25:

1. Get to a point in my life where I never have to take another math test ever again. And I really mean never again this time.
2. Own a horse
3. Beat Sergio at the game of Risk
4. Play golf well enough not to wonder why people play golf
5. Vacation on a sail boat
6. Really take up photography as a hobby
7. Go to a costume party
8. Have my teeth professionally whitened on a regular basis
9. Have both medical and dental insurance
10. Read the Little House On the Prairie Series to my kids
11. Conquer my fear of the telephone
12. Host a dinner party
13. Go to a spa
14. Eat at a Michelin rated restaurant
15. Sit on a porch swing and watch a often as possible
16. Kayak
17. Have an old-fashioned photo made with Sergio (like in Branson!)
18. Scuba dive
19. Ride in a hot air balloon that is not still tethered to the ground
20. Research my family history
21. Love my child as much as we love Eliot
22. Not have to wear contacts/glasses anymore
23. Paint my home obnoxious colors just because I can
24. Take one change of clothes on a vacation and buy a new wardrobe along the way
25. Have one home/town in which my children are raised

Sergio's Next 25
1. Climb a fourteener
2. Write a book
3. Fly fish
4. Move Cattle
5. Adopt a child
6. Close my eyes in a field in Montana
7. Cook a meal for my parents and my in-laws, at the same time
8. Help my niece learn spanish
9. Help my niece remember me
10. Get to know my nephew
11. Get to know my next niece
12. Brew my own beer
13. Pray for everyone but myself
14. Enjoy a wheat beer while standing in direct sunlight
15. Gawk at my wife, again
16. Hug Eliot, again
17. Enjoy a pilsner while standing in direct sunlight
18. Explain 1984 to a child
19. Play in the world series of poker
20. Explain football to a child
21. Lose the world series of poker before I get cocky and think I could do that for a living
22. Stop moving
23. Wear a bow tie and suspenders with a vest
24. Get my hair cut once a week
25. Win a Criminal Trial


Shelley said...

I would be happy to ride in a hot air balloon tethered to the ground. Wide open spaces high above the ground make me dizzy.

Anonymous said...

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