Wednesday, October 01, 2008

This Made My Brain Hurt

Hello. How are things? I have been meaning to update for, oh, a while now. The idea of posting makes me...tired. I have the idea of a few posts inside my head, but they all require taking and uploading photos, and that just ain't happenin right now. Neither is good grammar apparently. was I?

An update I guess. Sergio continues to extern. He writes memos and letters and sits in on meetings with lots of other lawyers. He is lead attorney for two cases. You would have to ask him exactly what that entails, but it sounds good either way.

I am a substitute teacher. So far I have done 3rd grade special ed, 4th grade math and science, high school art, algebra II, algebra I, eighth grade math, and US History. It is God's little joke that I keep getting math classes. Every single day I hear children discuss things that should be far too mature for them to understand. I simply ask that they keep the foul language to a whisper so I don't have to acknowledge it. And to please stop discussing their first time at the top of their lungs. Please.

Eliot's rear end is swollen and red again, but not in the same way as last time when he went to the emergency vet. We are hoping that this will miraculously disappear. Any thoughts on what this might be?

My father turned fifty last week. We went to Little Rock for his birthday party. Evidently the fiftieth birthday is that of the jello shot and the raunchy card. Forty was also for the raunchy card, but fifty really went above and beyond. It was actually a very nice and tame party that involved mostly Baggo and lots of food, but the other stuff did make an appearance. Happy birthday, Dad!

Now I need a nap. If you think I am joking, think again.

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