Sunday, October 12, 2008

In case you were wondering why the blog is so slow lately.

We have just sat in the house all day long! Almost. Sergio went on a run, and we both went to the store for a few quick dinner things, but that is about it. We have been doing this a lot lately. We stay in and watch football. All of the football that there is, or so it seems to me. The deal was that I would watch all of the football without complaint if Sergio would do the same when certain primetime shows came back on. Let's just say that this did not happen and leave it at that. Now during football I watch tv online. Except during the Dallas/Arizona game today. Did anyone else catch all that craziness?

Moving on. There are two place to go in Dallas if you want to be outside. White Rock Lake and the Katy Trail. Guess how many people in Dallas are aware of these places. Go ahead, guess. All of them. Every last human and their pet knows that these are the only two places to be on the weekend if you want to go outside. Now guess how much fun it is to go to these two places. None. Especially White Rock which is so covered with people you can't move and so covered with pets that you can't breathe for the poo smell. The Katy Trail is better, but only three miles long. Boo.

I guess that is it for now. Marvel at our thrilling existence!

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