Friday, January 16, 2009

Really? Tests to Graduate but Not to Become Parents? Good Thing.

We are getting some internet at the house right now, so I guess we better take advantage and post something here. Let's see...Sergio and I started Bradley classes last night. This involves going to an older woman's house in the suburbs and lying around on body pillows learning relaxation techniques that will hopefully help get us through natural childbirth. With five other couples. And as all awkward situations are for Sergio and me, it also involves many ill-timed jokes. We neither one seem to have the tact it requires not to make jokes ranging from poop to flatulence to fraud while being told to relax our muscles and breathe. We are also the slackers of the class. We were late to the first class, we have the closest due date, and we didn't take my nutritional log.
We are totally ready to be parents!

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Shelley said...

I think that's ok. Actually normal. Parents have lives too.