Sunday, January 25, 2009

There's a Nose Where My Belly Button Should Be!

We almost missed the six weeks belly picture! Can't have that. Here I am today at 30 weeks 6 days. I included a picture with my head in it this time because I was getting complaints that I didn't look like people expected when they saw me. Some people said I was smaller than they expected and some said bigger. Maybe having my head in the picture will allow for some sort of comparison. Either way, I am getting alarmingly large already. The other teachers at school don't let me forget this.

As for other pregnancy related topics, not much is new. She moves a lot. It is no longer a gas bubble feeling, nor is it something you have to search around for. As room runs out I feel her presence pretty much all the time. Her butt sits in my ribs and she kicks her feet across my belly. Watching this utterly creepy phenomenon has become our nightly entertainment.
She was particularly active while I was watching the inauguration the other day and it occurred to me that Obama's voice is probably nearly as familiar to her as mine and Sergio's. I just know she will be fussy sometime in the future and we will be able to play an Obama speech to calm her down. And if that doesn't work we can just find a House Hunters episode and let her listen to Suzanne Whang, who has to come in a close fourth for most familiar voice.


Shelley said...

I thought you would be bigger! Your still tiny! just belly!

Abbie said...

You look good, your scar is definitely more noticable. I wonder what mine will do, probably split open!!! I'm excited for you, can't wait to meet her.