Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Little After The Fact

Sergio and I celebrated our sixth anniversary last weekend. Here are some things we know about each other now that we did not know six years ago.

Dawn will not eat leftovers unless forced.
Sergio's alcohol consumption is directly related to how often he says the phrase, "In any case".
Dawn reads in the bathroom for what seems like hours.
Sergio is actually far more of a homebody than I am most of the time and loves routines.
Dawn can read a book over and over and over and over and is really into adolescent sci-fi/fantasy.
Sergio is perfectly capable of watching serial dramas as long as we can watch a whole season all at once.
Dawn's paralyzing fear of public speaking does not extend to teaching.
Sergio can watch The Office over and over and over and over...but then so can I.
Dawn is really into celebrity gossip.
Sergio is a better stay at home dad than I am a stay at home mom.
Dawn has an incredible pain threshold.
I would not have known six years ago that Sergio would willingly move to the Delta for any reason.

Six years ago we had no notion that we would now be a lawyer and a teacher. We did think we would have a kid by now, but probably an older one. We thought we would have more money. This year marks the first time we will both have adult jobs with adult-type salaries at the same time (knock on wood). It should be interesting to be able to pay all of our own bills and eat at the same time. This could be exciting!

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