Thursday, March 25, 2010

Obviously Losing It

Characters: Me, Rosalind, Sergio, Retha (Sergio's mom), Eugenio (Sergio's dad)
Scene: We are all leaving the hotel room and each grab a bag, pack and play, bottle, or pacifier to help them load all of Rosalind's paraphernalia in their truck. I swing a bag over my shoulder and have a pacifier in my hand. I walk out the door and see Eugenio ahead of me carrying bags. I look behind me as Sergio and his mom close the hotel door each carrying bags. With a mounting sense of panic I ask, "Where is the baby?"
Sergio: What?
Me: Who has the baby? (Increasing panic!)
Sergio gives me a confused, slightly annoyed look. "You do."
Sergio: "She is in your left arm."
And indeed she was.

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Department of Surgery said...

Wow! I'll leave it that.