Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Should we have taken the short bus?

We have internet again! And now we can update. I wish that we could say we have been doing exciting things but mostly we have been unpacking boxes, doing laundry, and making trip after trip to the grocery store to buy those really fun things like hangers, trash bags, soap, and shower curtain liners. Even I can't get excited about that kind of shopping.
We have had some interesting experiences though. We took the bus downtown and had a very nice time. We ate at a restaurant and our waiters brother lives in Fayetteville. Strange. After that we took the bus home and arrived a mere two hours later. Next time we know to catch the #1 bus on fifth avenue not sixth.
And then we went to the coast on Sunday. We didn't really know what to expect, but 54 degrees and extremely windy is what we found. Absolutely beautiful, but I have never been so happy about my procrastinating habits as I was that day. We still had our warm clothes in the car that we had not yet unpacked. So, yes, on August 13 we were wearing long sleeves, pants, and fleece on the beach. I hear those of you in Arkansas are having weather over 100 degrees. Hee.
But that brings us the last interesting thing I have to tell you. And those of you who know Sergio well, please pay attention. We have no air conditioner. In fact, nowhere does. So far we haven't needed it. In fact, it has been cold enough most days that we don't even open the doors and windows until after noon, but it was quite a shock when we first heard that we have nothing more than a screen door and a fan.
We haven't really taken any new pictures so I will put a few more of the trip for now.




On the phone with mom, CO

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