Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ryan bowled a 62

Sam and Nikki

Clnton, Keith, Marissa, and Andrew

Helen and Sergio

Sporting a new look

On the catwalk

Sergio, Erin, Keith, and Helen

It seems like we haven't been in town for a weekend in months and so we haven't really been able to see our friends. Out of desperation we sent out a mass text message to meet at the bowling alley and actually managed to have our friends get together in time to see Clinton off as well as us. I know that I have been relying much too heavily on pictures lately but we are now in the midst of packing up the house and getting everything done, so please hang with us and our photo blog while we get through the next two weeks.

In case you were wondering, Helen and Marissa beat us all, but Ryan was there to make us all feel better about our bowling skills.


Shelley said...

I finally remembered my username!! I'm glad you post lots of pictures so I can put faces with names. Looks like a fun gang!

Retha said...

I think the pictures are great. But where is Ryan. It looks like you guys had a great time.


Iggy said...


I don't mind being the but of the joke, but at least give me a picture!

p.s. I threw the last few in the gutter so Sergio wouldn't feel bad about having the lowest score at his own party.