Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Around the World in Eighty Days, Sort of...

St. Vrain State Park, CO
Photo credit: Sergio

Number of states travelled through? 8 (AR, MO, KS, CO, WY, UT, ID, OR)
Time zones? 3
State Capitols? 4 (Kansas City, Denver, Cheyenne, Boise)
Highest altitude? 8,653 (Wyoming)
Times across the Continental Divide? 2*
Lowest paid for gas? $2.72 (Evanston, WY)
Highest paid for gas? $3.16 (Oakley, KS)

But it isn't over quite yet. We are in a hotel room in Bakers City, OR and have one more day of driving before we are in our new home. Even though the road trip has been interesting, I think we are both ready to see what Portland is like. Thoughts on the trip so far

- We drove Kansas on autopilot and have nothing interesting to say about it.
- Eastern Colorado isn't Colorado, but is in fact Western Kansas.
- People in Boulder seem very happy to be living there.
- St. Vrain State Park is a good example of why Colorado has the reputation it does. Close, nature, cheap, pretty.
- Desolate, creepy, perplexing, and sometimes eerily pretty are all ways of describing Wyoming.
- Chances of us spending much time in Southern Wyoming in the future are slim.
- The Medicine Bow National Forest was very pretty.
- Wyoming is windy and that makes it hard to drive through. Dawn is particularly bad at this.
- The terrain in the west seems to change dramatically every 60 miles or so.
- No matter the changes, there are no naturally growing trees in Wyoming.
- Utah was very pretty, but we spent no time there whatsoever.
- The Great Salt Lake looks very like other large lakes.
- Idaho is pastoral. They also have license plates that say Famous Potatoes.
- Driving with a trailer on your car with a fifteen gallon gas tank requires many stops for gas.
- Stopping at the gas station with the cheapest gas at the exit is like winning a bet.
- The first two cities in Oregon both have breweries, we like Oregon very much.

More trip pics and posts when we get there!

Look for the rainbow, St. Vrain


Fast food

*The Continental Divide splits and comes back together in central Wyoming creatig a basin, allowing us to pass over it twice.

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Shelley said...

Eliot seems to be adapting well. He's probably happy with the 15 gallon gas tank - time to stop and smell the dust, dirt, rock, wind and potatoes.