Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Single White Goth Girl Seeks Menonite Man

I have been living the life of a housewife lately, which has its ups and downs. Ups: Sleeping late and watching Gilmore Girls reruns everyday at eleven. Downs: Boredom, no money, pitiful posts. In the meantime, I am having fun with the new scanner. I think I will do this weekly until we have more to talk about. This week's theme? Pictures of Sergio and Dawn (and friends) as wee college freshmen. Enjoy!

This is how Sergio looked when I met him.

This is how I looked when he met me.

And just for fun, our friends in a more innocent time. The man in the brown sweater is Iggy. So now you know what the bad bowler looks like if you didn't already.

This is Sergio and Ryan's dorm room. Nice and cozy. And for good measure, another picture of Ryan...Iggy.


Retha said...

The pictures are great Dawn. When I first saw the one of Sergio I thought he must have shaved recently. And then I read the post.
you are right you look goth in that one picture and he looks menonite. How peculiar. I love seeing old pictures of you guys.

Love Retha

Shelley said...

I like the goth look on you for some reason.

I remember being an unemployed housewife when we first moved to Alabama. I unpacked everything so quickly that I considered packing and unpacking for fun. No blogs back then.

Iggy said...

Finally, I made the board!!

I like the old pictures, oh... to go back in time.

I feel your pain with the houswife thing, though i've had about a year to adjust. Once you memorize the entire TBS midday line-up it gets pretty comfy. It also helps to open all the blinds (its something about the sunlight).

By the way, tell Sergio that commercial outlines really do help- no matter what his professors say.

Amber said...

Long time, no see. I'm glad to see ya'll have gotten settled in. Email me and we'll catch up.