Saturday, September 30, 2006

Why Sergio Cooks the Food and I Wash the Dishes

I got the urge to make something sweet a few weekends ago and after some deliberation settled on cinammon rolls. Not because I have made them before and know them to be good, but because I don't like chocolate very much and Sergio doesn't really like fruit desserts, so this was the middle ground. It was a really sudden decision and I had to get to the store quickly if I wanted have them finished at a decent hour. This was a recipe that called for homemade bread dough. This is really the only difficult part of cinammon rolls. Otherwise you just mix butter, cinammon, and sugar and roll it up into a log. Simple enough.

I rushed to get through the recipe and missed some very important things. First, I completely missed a half cup of water for the dough and didn't realize until long after Sergio muscled the substance into something semi dough-like. Then I realized that I had only two tablespoons of butter where it called for a cup and a half. Rather than go find a store open at ten, we stretched those two tablespoons through filling, frosting, and pan greasing.

Despite the setbacks we baked those sad little rolls anyway. They were...ok. A little heavy maybe. When they were warm they weren't too bad at all, but the next morning they resembled stones. I have to give Sergio credit. I managed two or three before giving up with a tired jaw, but he worked through four or five. How sweet. Lesson: Pillsbury is better than this mess, but aren't they kind of pretty?


Dad said...

yes, they do look pritty. good job.

Shelley said...

Baking is fun despite the disasters. Mom and I attempted mini honey buns. Let's just say I haven't wanted a honey bun since that day.