Wednesday, September 13, 2006

You Sure Are Pretty Mister

I rode the #1 bus to and from downtown again today. While there I was asked by a young man with little control over his eyeballs for a couple of bucks for a beer, but I only had bus fare. On the way home the bus driver was a shy redheaded transvestite with chin stubble, and the lady that sat next to me wore rubber surgical gloves and mumbled to herself. And that is about all I have to report on my end.

Sergio is off right now meeting his mentor that the law school assigned him. All I really know at this point is that they own the same pants and will be playing golf in a few weeks. I think that sounds like plenty to forge a successful mentor/mentee relationship.

Aren't we thrilling?


Shelley said...

Where does bus #2 go? I think I'd try it next time.

Retha said...

That is a beautiful picture Dawn, where is it.


Sergio and Dawn said...

That is on the road to Mt. Hood. It was described as "eight winding miles along a dirt road." We just stopped the car on the road and jumped out for that picture.