Monday, July 30, 2007

Beginners Insomnia

It is now 1:01 AM. I am sitting in bed with the computer and numerous books and papers beside me. They are the materials I am supposed to incorporate into a tiny two page paper having to do with the first World War, Eugenics, the KKK, and various other organizations and movements. I have found a great many ways to avoid writing the paper. First of all, I took a two hour nap this afternoon, which explains why I am not the least bit tired now. Then I spent a good portion of my night looking at Facebook pictures of Reeanna and Ashley's wedding (they look so happy!) and feeling pretty bummed that I wasn't there and instead am stuck here avoiding the first of three papers I have to finish (and begin, for that matter) before wednesday. There were also other procrastination tactics used, like extra walks for the dog, eating ice cream while standing at the freezer, and doing homework unrelated to papers. You know it is bad when you are using homework to avoid homework. Now I am writing this inane post. Sorry about that.

In other news...Sergio had to sit on the runway in Denver for over two hours on his way to Little Rock. Let's all keep our fingers crossed that this doesn't happen on my trip. I don't have a lot of time and would rather not waste it trapped in a grounded plane.
I have been sleeping with the hall light on while he is gone. Because deep down I am still six and things live in the closet and under the bed and for whatever reason I want to see these things in full light whenever they do make their move. If I remember correctly, as a child I thought there were crocodiles under the bed waiting to nibble my toes, and my brother had a creepy Grim Reaper in the closet experience that was chilling enough to have become family legend.
We are doing peer teaching on Tuesday. I think I would rather have the bed-dwelling crocs nibble my toes, really.
Eliot is going to stay with a classmate of mine and his family. Since I arranged this I have been watching Eliot from an outsiders perspective. I am trying to figure out the most tactful and least embarrassing way to tell them that he will sleep under the covers and in between them in bed, and that he will chew up all of their dirty socks and underthings if they don't keep them away from him. Any suggestions?
It is now 1:30 AM. I guess I am out of ways to avoid this paper.

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Shelley said...

I don't think you have to worry about too much embarrassment since they will understand he is a dog. If they were babysitting your child that did that...then let the embarrassment begin. And therapy.