Sunday, July 01, 2007

Santa can finally visit

DONE! Like just this minute. Actually, we still have to hang pictures and bikes and take out some empty boxes, but we are pretty much finished. I judge being done by the fact that every chair-like object in the house can now be sat upon. Everything miraculously fits into the one bedroom and it even looks sort of sparse. We are really learning how to chuck the junky stuff with each move. I wanted to take before and after pictures, but I couldn't find the camera this morning, or the toothbrushes, the dogfood, the toilet paper, or much of anything else for that matter. Trust me, the transformation is pretty spectacular.

In fifty years you can all come visit us here at this apartment because we are not moving again.

Moving Day Highlights 2007:
Nearly breaking Sergio's fingers in a recliner.
Scoring a sofa slipcover at the dumpster.
Having an apartment with a FIREPLACE.
Finally buying matching dishes.

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Jared said...

What's your new address?