Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Birthday

There was a time not that long ago when I was a fairly normal, well-rounded person. Then about two years ago, I asked for the boxed set of Harry Potter books for Christmas, and my parents obliged. I was still pretty normal when the sixth book came out. I wasn't one of those "crazy" fans that had to run and get the book right away, in fact, I waited until that one was not only in paperback, but also on sale. However, that all changed with the appearance of the seventh, and final, Harry Potter book. I knew that if I waited, someone would let slip the fate of the main characters. I couldn't have that. I didn't preorder it or anything, but I went and got it Saturday afternoon and finished it late last night. I had to finish it as quickly as possible because it couldn't get in the way of school, but truthfully, I just really had to know. When I emerged from the HP daze I realized that I had not acknowledged my nephews first birthday. I could not feel lower.

I am told that he has six teeth, began walking (like an orangutan), can say several words, and can take off EKG wires from his chest with his feet. That is quite a lot to accomplish in one year. Phenomenal really, when I consider how much I usually manage in one year, which is maybe 15 loads of laundry and washing the car once. Maybe.

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Shelley said...

You should get him the Harry Potter book set for his first birthday. When he learns to read he would completely understand how it could happen. He's adorable!