Sunday, April 06, 2008

Movie Reviews

Facing the Giants ♣♣
This is a simple little football movie that (I think) was made entirely by a church and its congregation. Writers, actors, caterers, etc. It is heavy on the religion, and not necessarily something we would have watched on our own. We both agreed, though, that the production value was incredible for a small independent film, and we applauded the project on the whole. Once in a while I broke out in a mild blush at a poor acting moment, or overly earnest dialogue, but not a bad way to spend an hour and half.

Enchanted ♣♣♣
Okay, I'll admit when I saw these previews I could not figure out who would want to see this movie. I don't know exactly what I thought it would be, but I was not interested. Neither was Sergio. But then something strange happened. It got great ratings and wonderful reviews, and of course, I had to know what the big deal was. One word: charming. No, wait...two words: charming and funny.

Michael Clayton ♣♣♣½
Good story, good acting. The only problem was Sergio telling me that this could really be what it's like for some lawyers. Scary thought.

The Darjeeling Limited ♣♣♣½
Totally Wes Anderson, but a little less goofy than his latest movies, like Zissou. Made me think more of The Royal Tenenbaums, which is my favorite...yippy!

Waitress ♣♣♣
I watched this awhile ago, so my rating might be a bit skewed. Sergio didn't pay attention, so this is all me. I wanted to see this movie because I wondered if the ratings had been skewed by the untimely and tragic death of the writer/director/actress. Verdict: I don't know. I liked it a lot, but I can see that some people might not. If you miss seeing Andy Griffith on television then check this out. He is pretty funny.

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