Thursday, April 03, 2008

Spring Break Part Two

Before we get to the spring break trip, I think I would like to rant a bit. Since we moved to Oregon we have seen a series of commercials for a certain brand of chicken that comes from either California or Oregon. It features two goofy, redneck chickens trying to convince Oregonians that they aren't "from Arkansas." Of course, this is in reference to Tyson...but how many regular people know that Tyson is headquartered in Arkansas? The latest commercial, the one that finally set me off asks, "What's the opposite of Oregon? Arkansas."
Um...what? It basically just comes across as a smear campaign against Arkansas and all of our sneaky, dirty, backwoods ways. Also, I can't tell you how many times Sergio and I have compared the two states. You step outside Portland city limits and it's just not that different.

Anyway, back to spring break. After Oklahoma there was Texas and New Mexico. We stopped outside of Albuquerque for a night. Somewhere in Texas (I think) we saw an advertisement for the largest cross in the Western Hemisphere. We didn't bother to exit and see this cross because, HEY, it's BIG. We could see it from the road. Though it certainly was large, I felt like I had seen bigger crosses before at some of the mega-churches. I would be interested to know exactly how they are measuring. Perhaps the girth of the cross is what earned it the honored title of Largest Cross in the Western Hemisphere. You have to love America and its dedication to completely obscure objects. Stay tuned for our brief encounter with the World's Largest Thermometer!

I don't know why we can't get some of our pictures to flip, but you get the idea. Also, I can't remember what state that Navajo store was in, and I missed the New in the New Mexico sign. The speed limit in both NM and Arizona was 75 mph, so you can see how I might not have had time to frame the shot.

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hey guys. I remember the World's Largest Thermometer. It's befor you get to Barstow Ca. Eugenio