Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Phallic Food = Family Friendly

Good morning. A quick Portland story to get you started today. Sergio and I finally went here on Sunday morning. It is a Portland landmark of sorts. A donut shop that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. My guess is that it once catered mostly to drunk people stumbling from club to club in Old Town. Why do I think this? The menu includes not only donuts with coco puffs and cap'n crunch on top, but also the Nyquil and Pepto Bismol glazed varieties. Mmmm! It has, however, become one of the top listed places in every travel book or magazine article written about Portland, guaranteeing that it will be swarmed by suburban family crowds on the weekends.
As Sergio and I made our way to the teeny shop situated next to an adult movie theater and up the road from many strip joints, we passed one such family. The young son (let's say ten yrs old) was struggling with an oddly shaped donut the size of his head. We were mildly curious about what he had found. And then we saw it. What we can't decide for sure is whether the parents realized what the kid ordered and didn't mind (very Portland attitude), or if they just didn't notice at all. Either way, I will never forget the image of a ten year old boy walking down the street eating a very large donut replica of the male anatomy.


Shelley said...

Very cool place. At least the kid wasn't in the pink panties (from their gift shope) eating a cock-n-balls.

My vote is that the parents probably didn't care. I wish we had interesting places like that around here.

Anonymous said...

Not the kind of place that would interest me at all. I'm glad there is nothing like that around here.