Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring Break Part Three

You might have thought I got lazy and abandoned the Spring Break posts, but in fact I simply got lazy. I never abandon a post! Actually, nothing about that last sentence is true. I start posts and delete them all the time. You would thank me for that if you ever saw them. Anyhow, I was going to make this the final spring break post but then I saw the number of pictures there would be if I put California, Nevada, and Arizona all together. The page might never load. Instead, this is just Arizona. Everything but the Hoover Dam is from Petrified Forest National Park. That picture of the old dead log? It's a rock! It was a tree several million years ago, but now its a rock that people sometimes make jewelry out of. Also, old women jump out of their RV's to steal some. Not Allowed. The rocks on the ground in the square formations, along with the rock drawings are leftover from a settlement. All in all, a really cool national park. We had heard from multiple sources that we should take the Hoover Dam tour if we had time and I was really looking forward to going. Unfortunately, we got there pretty late and were way behind schedule already for that day. We jumped out to take a couple of pictures from the Arizona side, and then saw all we could see from the car while we waited over a half hour to get across the dam. Sometime soon...hopefully...Vegas and San Francisco...maybe.

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