Monday, August 25, 2008

A Point for Dallas

My parents came to town this past weekend and brought us a couch. Now we have more than one chair in the living room, which is nice. Other than some driving and directions issues it was a really nice quick visit. Just the idea that we live close enough to have a nice quick visit is great. Anyway, we introduced my parents to the wonders of Ikea, Cuban pork sandwiches, and the Dallas Farmer's Market.

We think this is among the better markets we have ever experienced. It is almost strictly produce based with just a few off shoots of flea market fare or fair food, but that is okay because the produce is awesome and it goes on everyday. Here are some pictures from the first time Sergio and I went to the market and we allowed ourselves to buy anything we wanted without taking into account that we couldn't possible finish it all before it went bad. We figured it up afterward. We spent $25 dollars on all of this stuff. Had we bought the same items at any local market in Portland we would have spent roughly $52. And it wouldn't have tasted as good either.
This time we bought greens and purple hull peas. Wish me luck as I attempt to cook both of these items for the first time. I think the key is lots of bacon.


Shelley said...

That looks really good. We are supposed to have a decent farmer's market here on Saturdays and Tuesdays but I haven't been motivated to venture there yet. They have early hours. Farmers and their early hours.

Der Fanatiker said...

Hey that's great. Can't wait until I'm in Dallas so we can meet up. We should've hung more while you guys were here. Hope your boys are well.