Monday, August 04, 2008

These Colors are Like My Dreams, Red, Gold, and Green

We painted. And this is what happened. Three walls in our living room are yellow or "Brass," and two great big walls are green or "Sweet Annie." Because the room had to be painted with semi-gloss, the yellow is what Sergio refers to as "Nacho cheese." And that is pretty much right on. But we both really like it anyway. It makes the room so much more homey than the normal sanitorium white walls of most apartments.

Unfortunately, the kitchen chairs turned out funny. They were meant to be bright red. Think Fire Engine. Instead they turned out Watermelon. Or maybe Salmon. This is what happens when you buy $3 Oops paint at Lowe's thinking it will work just fine. I was quite disappointed at first, but have since learned to like the fruity chairs. We also have a bright red bowl on the table, pumpkin orange measuring cups hanging from a shelf, and tomatoes on the table. Our kitchen is a cacaphony of oranges, reds, and pinks.

So now I can mark one thing off of my list of fifty things to do before I croak. I painted my house obnoxious colors just because I could.

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