Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I hope somebody still checks the blog from time to time. We have been a little preoccupied lately with moving, traveling, job-hunting, and other expected and unexpected events. Energy levels have been low. This is just a little note to say we will be focusing on the blog again and to check back for more frequent posts. They may not be better, but they will be there!


Nikki said...

i'm still checking! i'm so bored waiting on sam to come pick me up! give me an interesting update with more pics of your colorful new spread, now! this is my last day with no tv, a/c, real bed, kitchen, or private room. yay! (but i'm still relying on your updates to entertain me. no pressure.)

loved the culture club ref. by the way.

tailgating labor day weekend perhaps?

Shelley said...

I'm still checking too!! I somehow missed the nacho cheese/fire engine red furniture post. Not sure how it happened. But I do really like the nacho cheese color too. I will have to post my orange chair railing I painted in our kitchen. It's interesting...but I like it.