Friday, November 10, 2006

Did You Know How Much it Rains in Portland?

Posting everyday takes a lot of pressure off what we say and I realized today that we haven't really talked about ourselves, what we have been up to, or what is going on in Portland lately. So what have we ignored?
It started raining here last week. Raining in that way that you always hear about it raining in Portland. At least that is what we thought. It turns out that we are getting record rain and areas are flooding and there are mudslides near the coast and at least two people have died by rapidly rising water, if not three. I think we have gotten 18 inches since last wednesday. That is half of what Portland normally gets all year.
There was also a small earthquake here earlier this week. We didn't feel it even though it was nearby. We were so pleased that we were leaving tornado country, but there is just a little bit more happening here than we expected. If a tsunami hits I am going to feel pretty silly.
Sergio still seems to like school, which is nice. I am temping in an HR department where I get to run background checks on people. It is kind of fun and more than a little disturbing.
I found out today that Tanya Harding is from here and we could still run across her skating at the rinks around town.
I guess that is about it.

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