Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Good Morning, this is Dawn, How May I Help You?

Tomorrow I start a new job doing something somewhere. I don't actually know what the job involves and I can't say where it is on the internet. Rule #1 of blogging is never talk about work, and we will follow that here. I CAN say that this will be my first non-admin job since graduating college, and for that I am truly thankful. I just don't have it in me to assist capable adults. If you are using a copier and it runs out of paper, I have total confidence that you can find the paper tray without my input. At least try. Even if you fail, the effort would have been enough.
I didn't really talk about job hunting here, because, quite frankly, it was embarrassing. I guess I will go ahead and admit now that I went on eight interviews and temped at seven different places in the meantime. After that many interviews I learned that I hate the term "corporate culture." Terms like these make me feel like I am being repeatedly poked in the eyes. "Tell me Dawn, in what sort of corporate culture do you see yourself working?" Um, a pleasant one? That isn't the right answer. In fact, I think I might have lost most of the interviews at this point, because when asked an inane question my ears turn red and I say something inane in return. Some other questions I can't seem to answer include, "Where do you see yourself in five years? " Not at your reception desk, that's for sure! Or, "What can you bring to this position?" My twenty years of experience answering telephones, I learned to take messages when I was five! Or, "What is your greatest weakness?" Interviews, obviously.
I did my best to prepare for these questions, but the better I got at answering them the cheesier I felt and the redder my ears became. I also discovered a disturbing habit of tugging at my shirt when I was lying about job goals or personal attributes. Why yes sir, I would love to work here for ten years with no hope of a promotion. Tug.
Ok, enough unloading of my job frustrations. I have work!


Thea said...

Unfortunately you had take this after me. You couldn't get the gift of interviewing that your father and brother have. I never have interviewed well but I can usually do any job anyone throws at me. And those people who ask those dumb questions are always so impressed. By the way it is even more fun to work with those people who can answer those questions. They are usually idiots, however they usually get promoted so they can ask the dumb questions.


Retha said...

I am so glad you got a job Dawn. I am happy you will not have to go throught all that interview stuff anymore. I also hate interviews, I never know what to say. so Hooray for you.