Friday, November 03, 2006

Sergio makes this soup so he can dice stuff

This is a meal we eat at least once a week. It is the easiest chicken noodle soup recipe I have ever seen. It isn't one of those slow simmering/all day affairs. Though we aren't Rachael Ray fans, I think she would be proud of us anyway. I should note that it can be a noodle soup, but we also make it with hominy sometimes instead. Both are very good.

Dice carrots, celery, onion, and one seeded and veined jalepeno. Sorry, I don't have measurements. You can't ruin it. Sweat until soft in butter or olive oil or both. Add diced chicken breast and brown. Add chicken broth, equal amount of water, and a chicken bouillion (I suppose you could do all broth). At this point you add either a can of hominy or La Moderna noodles (the brand is important) and let them simmer together. Salt and pepper to taste. If you choose the noodles be aware that they will suck up all the broth eventually.

Serve with limes and cilantro. Without these two ingredients the soup is pretty regular. We eat all the soups we can with these two things in them. I suppose you could try a little lemon and parsley if you want a more traditional soup.

This one is hominy, I guess.


Retha said...

I didn't know you used hominy son, I never thought of that, I will have to try that as well.

The next time I make this soup I am going to try egg noodles and mushrooms.

The dicing looks very professional.


Thea said...

Looks to me like you have a fall back career. This looks like T.V.