Monday, November 20, 2006

Reading Homework

Sorry about this cheat of a post, but Sergio had the computer all night working on a memo. It sounds so innocent but it seemed to stress him out pretty well. That or the fact that the computer kept freezing. I think Thanksgiving vacation will be good for him. Anyway, here are some links from four blogs that one or both of us check out regularly.

This is a good one for anyone. It is nothing but links to other interesting things. I should mention that every blog I am putting up here are some of the royalty of blogging. They all have figured out a way to make a living doing what I am doing here, but better.

This blog is the one that got me addicted to reading them in the first place. She was the woman that was first fired for her blog, and is super well-known. I would love to be able to write as freely and comically about things as her. Maybe not my bodily functions and body parts, but I respect that she can. Be warned, sometimes graphic.

This is the person that started the posting every day challenge. I just thought I should point out where this idea came from.

And if there is one I most jealous of for making a life out of her blog, it is her. She started a food blog to practice her English and now gets great food sent to her, has a cookbook, and travels just to eat. No fair.

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