Saturday, November 18, 2006

Finite Creativity

It seems that eighteen days is my limit on finding useless things to post about. I have gone through our pictures, read comics, watched Youtube, and read over all my favorite daily blogs looking for something I could rip off, but still have come up with nothing. I wish we had something to show you about Portland, but at this point we have gotten pretty settled in and our weekends are as likely to be spent watching Rocky marathons on the couch as they are hiking up rocky hills. In fact this weekend we are just cleaning the house before Sergio's parents come for Thanksgiving, and tomorrow we are shopping for said holiday. I will definitely tell you how cooking our first thanksgiving meal for others goes. Some other topics I am thinking of boring everyone with to finish out the month are, how much we like The Amazing Race, essential pantry items according to us, as many posts as I can get out of the holiday, maybe a list of our favorite movies, and how expensive Mexican food is here. You just can't wait, can you?

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