Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Inner Twelve Year Old Controls the Remote

My Thanksgiving break has begun. It won't be much of a break this year considering how much work we are trying to get done on the house in this very short amount of time. I would imagine posting will be light for a few days, but considering we forgot to post as early as day 17 it isn't as though this is a huge failure.

Here is something entirely random. I have always been pretty unlucky when it comes to falling for television shows only to have them canceled early. My So-Called Life being the first and most heartbreaking that comes to mind. Netflix streaming has taken this to a whole new level though. Here is a list of shows I have loved and lost of late. I didn't really mean for that sentence to turn out like that.

Better Off Ted
Pushing Daisies
Veronica Mars (I have one season left to watch and I am embarrassingly obsessed)
A couple of random British shows of which I don't remember the names.
Arrested Development

There are more but my brain seems out for coffee. You should watch these if you stream Netflix and like what amounts to pretty geeky television.

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