Sunday, November 07, 2010

Things I Almost Posted Today.

We ALMOST filmed Rosalind playing "soccer" in the backyard, but the cameras were dead. The game involves her kicking the ball and then squealing while we all chase it down. Sometimes we kick it and it hits her and that is pretty funny for everyone.

We ALMOST took a picture of dinner, but again, the camera was dead. Braised beef with olives and mushrooms over cheesy polenta. Jealous? I thought so.

We ALMOST recorded Rolo eating the Pumpkin Spice Sundae Bowl from Shake's. Yes, the camera was still dead, but we were also distracted with eating the same thing. From the first taste Rosalind started repeating "I bites, I bites, I bites" without pausing for breath. We sometimes stopped laughing and eating long enough to tell her to say please. She would then continue "I bites, I bites, I bites" while signing "please" and "good".

Now she is in bed and has been since about 5:15. The time change is throwing her (and us, honestly) for a loop. We will be waking her up in about a half hour so she can stay awake until a normal time. That should be a lot of fun.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad you all had a wonderful day.


P.s. I ate a pumpkin pie blizzard at Dairy Queen and It was also sooooooo very good, wish I had one now.