Monday, November 01, 2010

Two Cents

It's November which means that it is time to try and write a post a day for the whole month. Something I have attempted every year we have had this blog and have yet to accomplish. I am motivated this month though because if we don't get another 40 post we won't even match last year. My pie in the sky goal is another sixty posts...or whatever makes us hit 100. I am guesstimating since I didn't actually check before starting this.

Sergio and I early voted today. I feel I am fulfilling my civic duty by telling you all to go and vote tomorrow as well. I also feel like I should point out that I heard a goofy ad this morning that had me riled up all day. It said, "Think Mark Martin." This was followed by the sounds of race cars. Really? It wants me to think of Arkansas Nascar driver Mark Martin instead of the Secretary of State nominee? Lame. Unfortunately for that guy it made me look him up and learn of his platform. Definitely should not have drawn my attention to that. So go vote. And probably you should vote for Pat O'Brien who did not insinuate in his ad that you are ignorant of politics and would vote for name recognition alone.

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