Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Stuff We Now Own.

House Front.
House from one side. We will be getting rid of the strange middle room. It is truly awful.
Teeny tiny stairs that will be staying tiny but far prettier.
Rosalind's bedroom.
Living room with bad curtains.
Our bedroom. Yes, it has a chimney and a water heater in the middle. We tore down all the walls this afternoon. Many dead things fell on us.
Dirty kitchen, but that stove top is quite impressive and probably brand new.
Dining area.
Kitchen again.
FLY CREEK! We have a creek. Yes. A creek. It's pretty.
We also have a 90 year old barn. It's old and pretty useless and probably a total hazard to our lives. It is our goal to preserve and use as much of this barn wood as we can.
It is held up by giant old tree trunks!
Can you see the old ladder at the back and the haylift at the top? Anybody know if those are worth anything?
Old dairy barn and a yard that needs something powerful to knock it over.
Old shop and tree.
This is the 11 acres we own across the tiny road from us. We also have 4 acres up around the house. This is the view from our front door.
And finally this is our view from our land up toward the house. Tomorrow you can look forward to pictures that show just exactly how nasty this place is, and what exactly we found when we started taking down sheet rock. We OWN it.


Shelley said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! Homeowners and landowners!! I would lOVE to have that much land.

kleinkk said...

Dawn and Sergio- I love the property (especially Fly Creek) and I can see lots of potential in the house. A little money and lots of work and it will be a great place!!! Congratulations!!